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Weekly Elevate Watchlist 8/15/21

Weekly Elevate Watchlist 8/15/21

OK guys, lets get started on the sunday watchlist.
Lets start with what to eye tomorrow.

$ENSV, news out over the week. here it is Enlivex: After Review of Phase II Data, Israeli Ministry of Health Authorizes Initiation of a Multi-Center, Randomized Phase IIb Clinical Trial Evaluating Allocetra in Severe and Critical COVID-19 Patients,

Here’s the full news. So have a eye on that early in the am.
$APOP, The Securities and Exchange Commission Declared Cellect Biotechnology’s Registration Statement Filed on Form F-4 Effective in Connection with its Previously Announced Strategic Merger with Quoin Pharmaceuticals. solid move on friday AH. Eye the 4.50 break there early in the am.

$LMNL, The Company announced today that, its subsidiary, Prometic Biotherapeutics Inc. (“PBT”) has agreed to sell the PRV for USD105M. The PRV was granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) with the approval of Ryplazim® (plasminogen, human-tvmh) (“Ryplazim®”), for treatment of patients with plasminogen deficiency type 1 (hypoplasminogenia). Daily is completely beat up here, eye that $3 and $3.25 break here tomorrow early

$BTC hit just over 48k over the weekend. means everything blockchain on watch tomorrow as well. Have a eye on that as well. Here’s a list of blockchain that you could see alot of alerts on tomorrow.

Stocks with catalyst this week and into next week.

$AXSM FDA decision date on the 22nd of this month. Chart is really really beat up too. filling gaps to the downside. have a eye here this week. Potential swing into the news on Sunday next week. Here’s the link to the news that is coming.

$CARA, another one with a FDA decision date on the 23rd next week. Looking at this one hard for a swing into friday, after the $SESN mess where they launched the decision early, might sit on the sidelines on it. But having a hard look here. 

Solid gap to the upside here. 200 SMA on the daily at 16.70. one with potential into that date when the news will be released.

I haven’t seen this many oversold and beat up stocks in a years. There’s SO many stocks down in the dirt. It’s nuts. Now we have seen them taking turns ripping and bouncing like VVOS, EJH and others. I think we will continue to see this. So if i see any of the stocks popping on my scanners through the week. Expect me to be eyeing entires and quickly on the pop.

$GOCO, about 7% of its 59M share float is short. Looking at this one hard. stock is nosediving. means a rebound is needed in the coming days or weeks. Eye for any bullish reversal.

$KPTI. Very high short float here, 22% of its 68M share float is short. Means the shorts are getting greedy here. Here’s some support and resistance areas i have my eye on. Eyeing this one hard this week.

$AEI, heres another one that is forming a small bullish pattern. a double bottom forming. totally in the dirt. 11% short on its float. in the dirt right now. check the daily chart here

$ARDX, another one with a higher short float 15% of its 67M float shorted. Just smashed down. Hasn’t see a green day in a while. and a massive gap. gap starts at $2.15 and ends at $7.35. so MASSIVE gap. Something ill have my eyes on in the coming months.

Others that are just beat up right now. theres alot. But if i see any of these stocks get some volume or news/pop up on the scanners. I’ll be ready for them. “Preparation is When Opportunity Meets Luck”. Be prepared.

Here’s a list of the highest shorted stocks in the markets right now.



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