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Weekly Elevate Watchlist 8/22/21

Weekly Elevate Watchlist 8/22/21

Welcome to the Weekly Elevate Weekend Watchlist. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. A few things to keep is mind for the week: massive storm is hitting the North East. Hearing about massive flooding, not sure how this will effect the markets, but we could see a downtick in overall volume if the flooding continues.

Drivers Rescued From Flooded Cars as Henri Gives NYC Rainiest Hour in History

Here’s a list of the economic calendar for the week

Let’s talk about with what to eye tomorrow.

$PSTV, Plus Therapeutics Announces Presentation of Data from the ReSPECT™-GBM Trial and Plans for Treating Pediatric Brain Cancer, here’s a few daily trends to eye tomorrow early in the am, if she wants to break out. Here’s a link to the news.

$CIO, City Office REIT Announces Agreements to Sell Life Science Portfolio for $576 Million. massive pop in AH on friday. eyeing that 17.50 and 18 break’s here.

$CASI, saw some big insider buying from the Chairman and CEO. great pop on Friday AH. Have an eye on this one early in the am as well.

Let’s talk about oversold and/or highly shorted stocks. Now there is SO many beat up stocks in the markets right now, correction on the Russell really pushing these stocks down and down some more. Means really good buying ops showing up. I’ll break the list down here.

$HUIZ, not seeing a big short float here. but this chart is in the dirt. Forming some reversal candles, convergence on MACD and RSI curling up. Have a look at the chart and be ready for it.

ALZN, since its IPO this has been in the dumps. alzheimer’s and linked to DPW. with the moves on SAVA and other stocks in this sector, i know its preclinical, but have a eye on this one. Could pop anytime.

$GEVO, this one is coming to some very key support areas that MUST hold. They’re a renewable jet fuel company. so a sector that could see some love again. heres the chart ill be eyeing here.

$MRIN, a prior pump and dump. showing some signs of a reversal, short term bounce could come here, overall a test of the 200 daily would be my guess long term… but one to eye for a short squeeze with its 7.8% short float.

Like I said above, there’s so many beat up stocks in the markets right now, Heres a short list of a few others to have your eye on. $GRAY, $AEMD, $HIPO, $BLIN, $SDC, $HEXO, $EPZM, $EPIX, $JRJC, $WISH.

Let continue now into potential catalyst into the week.

$AXSM They have a FDA decision today. T dont see the news out yet. this is one beat up stock too. When i see the news, i’ll let you know. Check this chart out. Ouch.

tomorrow $CARA will have a FDA decision for KORSUVA™ (difelikefalin) solution for injection for the treatment of moderate-to-severe pruritus in hemodialysis patients. I thought about swinging this, but decided to sit it out. Here’s the daily chart to eye here.

Here’s a List of the highest shorted stocks in the markets right now.

ok guys, that’s it for me today on this watchlist. Feeling good and ready for another great week like last one. We saw some monster moves on $VRPX was called at $5.27 ran to $39 in the room.  For sure the best play of the week, literally thousands made in the room on that call. Other great calls on $RGC $FULC, $PMCB, $NAOV to name a few. I expect more of the same with some new names. Sign up today at to catch the next big play before it runs! Use promo code ELEVATE10 for 10% off all packages!



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