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Weekly Elevate Watchlist 8/8/21

Weekly Elevate Watchlist 8/8/21

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Lets get started on the sunday watchlist.

BTC, like i said last week, If this break this top trend expect moves across blockchain stocks. It broke that trend and now is testing the 200 SMA on the daily. This is a key area to break for continuation.

so we saw great moves across some of the block chain plays BTBT, CAN, MARA, RIOT, FTFT all with strong moves, lets take a look at few that havent moved in that sector.

SOS, MACD is bullish on the daily and oin friday it received higher than avg volume, hard watch for a break of this 50 and 200 SMA on the daily. happens and expect me to look for entry throughout the week.

XNET, another blockchain play. broke a daily trend on friday. another one to really have you eyes on if BTC makes a bigger move

MOGO, another one that is beat up. heres a few trends ill be eyeing here. also i think this one has earnings this week on Wednesday. Lets see if she gets any love.

Heres a list of potential runners with BTC’s move. eye all of them, and be ready for moves across the board here on these stocks if BTC break out of that 200 SMA resistance.

Stocks with catalyst coming up

JAZZ, FDA decision here is on Thursday, Aug. 12. The New Drug Application (sNDA) seeking approval for XywavTM (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium oxybates) oral solution in adult patients with idiopathic hypersomnia. heres the link

SESN, FDA decision here on Aug 18th for the Company’s Biologics License Application (BLA) for Vicineum for the treatment of high-risk, BCG-unresponsive non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC), and granted the application Priority Review. this stock has been running a little lately. another one that could be a buy the rumor sell the news type play. Here’s Link to the news coming.™

Another one that i want my eyes on is KLDO, it has a pending mid 2021 clinical readout. Kaleido Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:KLDO): Topline Phase 2 data from a clinical study of KB295 in patients with mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis. could be out any day. No set date yet, but a stock with a catalyst that is on the way. chart is a little beat up too.

Stocks that are highly shorted and/or super oversold. There’s a TON of stocks that are beat up right now. I’ll narrow it down to a few I like.

KPTI, this is one that got Smashed last week, highly shorted to 20.3% of its 67M share float is short. heres some support areas i want to keep a eye one. expect a swing entry here soon if we get a test of these areas.

TYHT, another one that got smashed and is correcting after its big move to the downside. eyeing really hard for a test of the 200 SMA on the daily. heres the chart. hard watch this week.

HMLP. look at this drop here. MASSIVE dump,. another one i have my eyes on for a short term rebound. 9 EMA on the daily is at 7.36 as of friday.

BSQR, holding the 200 SMA really well. have my eye on this one as well for a swing. like to see it test that $3 area and retake it. earnings this week as well. lets see if this gets any love into that

Like I said earlier, Im seeing a ton of oversold stocks in the markets, others to eye that are oversold and or highly shorted, ARDX, MCRB, ZNGA, WPG, PALI, APTO, TIRX.

Here’s a list of the highest shorted stocks in the markets.



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