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Weekly Elevate Watchlist 9/5/21

Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. About to get started on the sunday watchlist. Reminder the markets are closed tomorrow for labor day. Let’s get started.

Let’s start with what to eye on Tuesday.

$BTC, taking another trend. i put a 55K PT on it a few weeks ago and added a ton of swings into this. This is looking good for tuesday. So anything blockchain on watch, $NCTY, $BTBT, $BITF, $CAN, $RIOT, $SOS are a few to eye. Tons of swing alerts on this over the last few weeks, expecting good things for this.

$IRNT, they had news on 9/1/21. here it is. flew in after hours on friday. we need to have a eye on this for sure on tuesday.

$OPTN with news this morning. A Study to Evaluate Change in Viral Load After OPN-019 in Adults With COVID-19 – NCT05035576. ill post the link below. have a eye on this on tuesday morning.

$ZIOP, a bunch of insider buying on friday. 4 different buys from the insiders through form 4s with the SEC. heres the wedge to eye on tuesday.

Let’s look at potential catalyst to have an eye on here this month.

$VRNA FDA Review Period of its NDA for VP-102 for the Treatment of Molluscum Contagiosum. the date of the news coming out is sept 23rd. here a link to the news coming.
$MIRM is another one to have a eye on, Mirum Pharmaceuticals Announces FDA Acceptance of New Drug Application and Priority Review for Maralixibat in Alagille Syndrome. news will be out of the 29th. heres the link to it.

Let”s talk about some oversold and/or highly shorted stocks.


$TBPH, saw me make this a overnight call a few times last week. have your eyes on this one this week as well. oversold and MACD is a convergence here.

$RGS, getting smashed right now. short float is a bit high as well, 19.6% of its 29.5M float is short. Shorts getting greedy here. eyeing this support area hard.

$HEXO, another one that is completely beat up. 15% of its float is short here as well. eyeing this one hard in the coming weeks for a rebound. coming to some key support area as well. lets see if we see a rebound here.

$ENDP, another one that is in the dumps 12% is short on the float. love those double bottoms and your seeing one form here. lets see if she gets some love on this support area.

others that are oversold and/or highly shorted, $LCI, $REE, $EVLV, $EPIX, $HMLP, $BMTX, $FBRX.

Here’s the highest shorted stocks in the markets.

last week was great, im expected more of the same this week. Thinking were going to see alot of runners and some big moves. Expect me very very aggressive this week if this happens. Lets get it!!!

Thanks for reading, Amazing profits for the team. Staying consistent, calibrated and discipline as always! The profits speak for themselves. Today and tomorrow only, use promo code LABOR20 for 20% off all packages. 



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